I’m Natalie.

I can’t tell you how to live the life of your dreams, manifest your soul mate, or make money on Instagram.

I actually hate Instagram.

(But I still use it.)

In 2014, I left my marriage, my home and my semi-fancy TV job to travel the world. I thought travel would help me figure myself out, and then I’d find true love and live happily ever after. This did not happen. Instead, I started to learn how to be alone, and how much I sucked at it.

So I wrote about it. You can find some of that writing here, and here.

Then I made a podcast about it.

I write other stuff, too. I’ve written for The Rumpus, the CBC, The National Post, the Huffington Post, Lonely Planet, and the History and Discovery channels. And I write copy for businesses and creatives. (More on that over here.)

I like books over phones, snort-laughing over small talk, and naps over networking.

I’m trying to hustle less and help more.

I believe in equality, boundaries, mistakes, and macaroni and cheese. And Indiana Jones movies. Except that last one.

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Gentle Men

“Maybe these things take a while to develop. Maybe people change. Maybe vulnerability grows.” So I waited, even though I knew – or at least, the loud lady living in the corner of my brain knew – that people don’t change on a dime like that, unless they are characters in Hollywood movies.

And then, Ruble died.

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Naughty Nat

I have, to my surprise and horror, met someone I like.
It’s not serious. I can’t do serious yet. I am still too traumatized by serious. Even leaving a bottle of contact lens solution at his house feels transgressive. He gave me a toothbrush because I forgot mine, and I had to stop myself from throwing it out afterwards to delete the evidence.
He loves to travel.
He doesn’t want kids. At all. Ever.

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“I’m going out of my mind,” I whisper to my friend Susan.

“Me, too,” she whispers back. “But don’t forget: it’s Day 2.”

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