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I am now offering writing coaching! Yaaaah! (You have to say that like Kermit the Frog.) Free 30-minute sessions available for the next 30 days, and introductory rates for the first 5 clients who book a series of 3 one-on-one sessions. I'm also teaching workshops. Contact me for way more info than I can fit on this page.


Welcome to the Island of Beautiful People, my latest post about digital nomading in Canggu, Bali, is up on the Huff. From there, you can also see all the other posts I've done since the last time I updated over here! Oops.


Dockside to Bedside: 100 Years of Herzl, which premiered on City TV and then aired on Air Canada, is now available in full on Youtube. You can also watch the French version, narrated by Denys Arcand. 

Also, in honour of Valentine's Day, I wrote an for The Huffington Post on sex ed in Uganda. I'm romantic like that.


I wrote a blog post about going on safari in Uganda for travel site FRGNLAND. It even has photos. Of lions! 


Natural Born Outlaws is premiering in Canada on the History Channel at 8pm EDT on Friday, October 30th! And since mine is the first episode, that will be me! Perfect pre-Halloween watching! An excellent match for miniature chocolate bars! Check out the trailer for the series here.


Natural Born Outlaws is about to premiere on Discovery's American Heroes Channel. The episode I wrote about Al Capone - which is also the first episode (no pressure, right?) - will air in the US on October 21st at 10pm EDT. Canadian air dates to come! 


Scars: An Anthology is now for sale! Head on over to the Et Alia website, and support independent publishing by not letting Amazon take 53% of the profits! Woohoo! Also, it's a great read. And if Amazon is the only way of getting it to you, order it here


Scars: An Anthology, is a collection of essays being published this September by Et Alia Press, and includes one of my pieces. It's being launched in Little Rock, so if you're in the vicinity, please head over. The book will be on sale soon - details to follow!


I just completed a script for the first episode of Natural Born Outlaws, a new series soon to be released on Discovery's American Heroes Channel. It's about Al Capone - but not in the way you might know him. Tune in!