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Natalie Karneef isn’t just one of the most conscientious workers I know, she’s a fantastic creative thinker and great listener, and as a result she always gives you exactly what you wanted from an assignment – and more. She is simply a pleasure to work with.

Isa Tousignant


Natalie’s creativity and mindfulness workshop changed my life. I have always been a fearful writer, but since taking Natalie’s workshop I’ve written every day. She gave me tips on not only how to get started writing, but how to continue writing and gave me the confidence to keep going, even when I’m self-conscious. I am excited to continue taking her classes and grow as a writer.

Sarah M

Founder, Hello Adventure

I had the pleasure of working with Natalie hosting my first television documentary. As a researcher and writer, she provided me with the essential information and facts I needed to excel as an interviewer and host. Years later, I turn to Natalie’s expertise in writing when it comes to pitching story ideas and new show concepts to major TV networks and production companies. A talented writer, who makes people’s vision come alive with words!

Natasha Gargiulo

Reporter (ET Canada), Host (Virgin Radio)

Let me just say that you are a wizard. Thank you for pushing me to write about real sh*t, not just rainbows and unicorns. Without you, I wouldn’t have started or finished my most recent blog post. It was super therapeutic, and gave me peace in areas I had been recently tackling

Slowly but surely I am learning how to develop a practice that will work for my business (and personal life). In our sessions, you meet me where I am and guides me to write from the heart. You’ve taught me how to tell better stories, how to structure my writing, and how to create a practice that is enjoyable and sustainable for me.

You are truly an amazing coach!!

Leannah Lumauig

Life Coach

Natalie works with you, at your pace, and in such a way that even her critiques are uplifting and positive. The tips and tricks I have received over the past two months have vastly improved not only my writing techniques and process, but the confidence in my voice and the pieces I publish. Additionally, the call to actions and exercises push you out of your writing comfort zone, which I think ever writer needs to experience. I highly, highly recommend Natalie to anyone seeking a writing coach. No matter the background or experience, she will help you blossom and flourish as a writer.

Casha D

I am so happy I went forward with the choice of working with Natalie. It has opened a new outlet for me that I never knew was possible.

Natalie is very gentle with my amateur writing heart! She works with and celebrates my writing style, encouraging me to be brave as I share pieces that are personal and of great value to me. She is light with the “red pen” and has never made me feel foolish for “shitty first drafts”.

I know for certain that my work would not be the quality nor have the clarity it does without Natalie and her guidance. She truly is a gift to me as a new writer and I look forward to continuing to learn from her.

Emma G

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Insights on writing, creativity and mindfulness?
The latest about Natalie's books, coaching packages and workshops?
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